Welcome on Uršula's web site!! We do not expect much visitors outside of Croatia. For You just a few words about Uršula :

Uršula was born on March, 16TH in during the seventies of the last century in Rijeka in Croatia, Europe. Rijeka is the biggest Croatian harbor town. Uršula is professor of Croatian language. During the school she was excellent student. She was an amateur actress in Rijeka. Her mother is from Poland,her father is from Herzegovina. She has a younger sister. In Rijeka, Uršula begin working in local electronics media. After war in Croatia she went to Zagreb where she works for national TV and radio as a hostess and journalist. In free time she is writing books one of which became a bestseller in Croatia. Uršula is also writing lyrics and story for little children. She got married during changing of millennium and has one son and one daughter. Uršula is most beautiful Croatian girl. She looks like an angel! She has gentle soul and she is shamefaced.

You may see some Uršula 's pictures here. Her's books is here.

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